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Why Baby In Mind Psychology Services?

Baby in Mind Psychology services was founded by Dr Tanya Corker and Dr Irene Svendsen in Farnham, Surrey. We are highly experienced psychologists with a passion for offering psychological support throughout the whole of the parenthood experiences.

We wanted to develop a service that provided specialist knowledge and experience in the field. We understand that parenthood is often a time of mixed emotion-it can be a joyful experience, but also can bring up difficult feelings of sadness, confusion and fear. We wanted to create a service where these sensitive and difficult topics could be explored in a warm, welcoming and secure place.

About us

Who we are

Dr Irene Svendsen

My passion is rooted in supporting women, men, partners and their babies during the journey towards and through early parenthood. This includes working with loss, bereavement, infertility, anxiety, depression, difficulties in bonding with baby, fear of childbirth (tokophobia), birth trauma, and maternal OCD. I also work with parents to identify positive moments of interaction with baby and build on these experiences to grow confidence in their parenting.

Dr Tanya Corker

I am passionate about working with women and couples in the perinatal period-from preconception, pregnancy through to the early years of parenthood. Alongside this, working with women who are experiencing infertility or who have experienced loss. I am experienced of working with women with tokophobia (fear of childbirth), birth trauma, childhood abuse/trauma impacting on current pregnancy or parenting, postpartum psychosis, perinatal OCD, anxiety, depression and EUPD, amongst others.

Whether you are contemplating parenthood, pregnant or new parent, we will work closely with you and can offer either face to face or virtual appointment

What our clients say

“I had an intense fear of needles, medical procedures and hospitals, which was drastically impinging on my life and on my decisions around pregnancy and infertility treatments. Working with Tanya, using a combination of talking therapy, exposure therapy and EMDR to process trauma from past experiences, has been life changing. My fears and anxiety around hospital visits and procedures have dramatically reduced and I now feel confident that I can cope with challenging situations when they arise.” 

“One of the hardest things about infertility is living with constant uncertainty, Tanya has really helped me with accepting my emotions around uncertainty and our sessions have also helped me to acknowledge and start to manage a lot of my feelings of guilt, sadness and shame around infertility.” 


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Interview with a brain.

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