The therapy agreement:

Client agreement:

This is a contract between you and your psychologist. Please do read carefully as it includes practical information about your therapy. By attending the sessions the document with constitute a binding agreement between you and your psychologist.

Confidentiality, supervision and note keeping.

Psychological therapy will often involve exploration of difficult and sensitive information and confidentiality is paramount. The information you disclose to your psychologist will remain confidential. Please see below for exceptions to this.

We are bound by HCPC and BPS and there are times when your psychologist can break confidentiality without your consent.

  1. Where requested by the court of law
  2. Where the disclosure of information is of a nature where there is concern for the safety of yourself and/or others. This includes instances where the client or others may be considered to be in imminent danger.

We will always endeavour to speak with you first before breaking confidentiality however this may not always be possible.


Supervision is an essential part of a psychologist’s professional practice. It is confidential between supervisor and supervisee. Individual identities will not be revealed during supervision. 

Therapy sessions and cancellations: 

Therapy sessions run for 50 minutes. Please do attend on time as your psychologist will not be able to extend the session slot.

We ask that if you need to cancel your appointment you do so with a minimum of 48hrs notice.

If less than 48hrs notice given full fee will be payable.

Record Keeping

Your psychologist may wish to keep some notes regarding your sessions. These notes are likely to be brief. They are stored in a locked cabinet or password protected documents on the psychologists computer in line with GDPR and Data Protection Act.

Fees and payments

£105 per session for individual psychology appointments (50minutes)

£120 per session for couples psychology appointments (50 minutes)

Payment for each session will be due on the day of appointment by BACS transfer

If therapy is covered by private health insurance, then we will invoice the provider on the day of the session.


We would always encourage you to speak directly with Dr Etherington or Dr Svendsen regarding any concerns you may have. Should you wish to make a formal complaint, please contact the professional governing bodies (HCPC).

Acknowledgment and Consent.

Through attending your appointment you acknowledge you understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions and have asked any questions you may have regarding this document.

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