I had an intense fear of needles, medical procedures and hospitals, which was drastically impinging on my life and on my decisions around pregnancy and infertility treatments. Working with Tanya, using a combination of talking therapy, exposure therapy and EMDR to process trauma from past experiences, has been life changing. My fears and anxiety around hospital visits and procedures have dramatically reduced and I now feel confident that I can cope with challenging situations when they arise.

One of the hardest things about infertility is living with constant uncertainty, Tanya has really helped me with accepting my emotions around uncertainty and our sessions have also helped me to acknowledge and start to manage a lot of my feelings of guilt, sadness and shame around infertility.

I first contacted Irene at Baby in Mind when I was around 6 weeks pregnant. I have quite a severe history of anxiety/depression due to various traumas throughout childhood and whilst I had been doing fine, the minute I found out I was pregnant it was as though everything rose to the surface.

I instantly felt as though I couldn’t cope and my overwhelming fears of Motherhood and everything it entailed began to take over. I have had one particularly bad mental health episode in the past and I was convinced that I would 100% be right back to the same place either throughout pregnancy or as a new Mum – and the thought it this happening again began debilitating and consuming.

I am now 34 weeks pregnant and am genuinely excited about becoming a Mother – which is something I never ever thought I would say, let alone truly believe. I feel as though I am in a completely different position now than when I first found out I was pregnant – I feel as though I am in the best possible headspace I can be ahead of becoming a parent.

I know it will be a struggle but I feel as though I have the tools and mechanisms now to stop myself from spiralling in the way I usually do. Irene and I have met every 2 weeks or so and have worked through all my fears; with Irene teaching me techniques that seem to work really well for me in terms of getting my thoughts under control and not letting them take over in the way they normally would.

Irene’s approach is professional and understanding, but above all else non-judgemental – which made such a difference for me during treatment. My fears around Motherhood featured a lot of intrusive thoughts and having a safe space to just freely talk about this has been pivotal for me in terms of feeling good about becoming a Mother and not being scared of my own mind. I honestly cannot thank you enough, Irene!


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